Current Chair (since 2015): Professor William Romanowski, Communication Arts and Sciences
Past chair (2004-2015): Professor Quentin Schultze, Communication Arts and Sciences


During the 1980s and '90s the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences at Calvin College built the strongest communication faculty of any Christian college or university in the world. The department became known for its academic scholarship, service to Christian organizations and contributions to the college. With the gifts of the Prince and DeVos families for college conference and communication centers, respectively, Calvin began planning for its leadership role in relating the study and practice of communication to the Christian faith. One crucial aspect of leadership is attracting and keeping outstanding scholars and teachers in the field. This chair expresses both Calvin's commitment to providing leadership in the field and the college’s desire to serve the broader Christian community.


The Arthur H. DeKruyter Chair in Communication is for an established scholar and gifted communicator with a proven record of serving the church as well as the academy. The occupant of the chair must be a strongly committed Christian whose professional work bridges the gap between scholarly research and communication practice. The Chair is named in honor of Rev. Arthur H. DeKruyter, a particularly gifted communicator who served the church and the broader society faithfully for decades.