Coronavirus update: All NEXUS services are being provided virtually until further notice. Please contact us through our request appointment page to schedule.

NEXUS provides free peer financial coaching covering a wide range of topics, from debt management to budgeting to saving and investing.

What services do we provide?

We use a scriptural foundation for money and personal financial management to provide coaching, accountability, and the tools needed to guide you in making wise financial decisions. We offer:

  • One-on-one coaching sessions
  • Group presentations
  • Biblically-based tools and resources
  • Accountability

Accountability is at the heart of our services. Our highly-trained, trustworthy coaches don’t just help empower you to develop solutions to your financial goals—they work with you to implement them. We’ll help you cultivate a vision of stewardship rooted in humility, service, and biblical wisdom.

What topics do we cover?

We're equipped to guide you through many different topics. We also write a weekly blog with helpful information on our topics, which include:

  • Budgeting
  • Credit
  • Giving
  • Goal development
  • Money & relationships
  • Housing
  • Scholarships & grants
  • Investing
  • Savings
  • Identity theft
  • Taxes
  • Marriage planning
  • Managing debt
  • Student loan management

Ready to meet with us?

NEXUS coaching sessions are free. Each coaching session is based around our DEEP framework: Discipleship, Evaluate, Educate, and Pray. We look forward to working with you!