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About us

Our team is committed to the upkeep of campus grounds. This includes lawn care, landscape design, and maintenance, irrigation, equipment maintenance, and construction site work. During the winter, our team is additionally responsible for snow and ice pretreatment and removal.

We maintain more than
  • 58.49 acres of green space
  • 164.08 acres of native/naturalized space
  • 56.32 acres of athletic/recreational green space
  • 13.27 acres of landscape settings
  • 6 miles of roadways
  • 14 miles of walks
  • 30 acres of parking lots
  • 300 steps

  • Did you know?

    The grounds department plants over 12,000 tulips and daffodils each year.

    Grounds Contacts

    Scott Machiela - Grounds Director

  • Email:

  • Robert Speelman - Grounds Director


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