New Employee Environmental Health and Safety Training  is required for every employee (any type of faculty appointment; full, part-time, and temporary staff; student employees, interns, and volunteers) at Calvin University.

There are three easy steps to completing this training task.

Step 1: Complete online training

Complete the training that was assigned to you through the SafeColleges training platform.

  • New Employee Safety Orientation Level 300 – all employees working in physical plant, telecommunications, campus events technical services, theater scene shop, science division shops, art studios, campus safety officers and supervisors.

  • New Employee Safety Orientation Level 200 - all employees working in the science division, science labs, health services, nursing, kinesiology or coaching.
  • New Employee Safety Orientation Level 100 - is the course that covers topics necessary for working in an office or classroom setting. All other staff, faculty, and student employees not listed above must complete this level.

Step 2: Complete Job Specific Training

Meet with your supervisor to discuss any job specific training that you may need.  Training may include: Bloodborne Pathogens, Lockout/Tagout, Fall Protection, Confined Spaces, Powered Industrial Truck, Crowd Management, etc. 

Step 3: Training Verification Form

Print and complete the training verification form and ICM or email it EHS (


If you have any questions about safety training please contact:

Jennifer Ambrose
(616) 526-6342