June 15, 2017 | News and Stories Staff

This summer, we’re following the class of 2017: Calvin graduates who are journeying around the corner and across the globe. Simon Boenaidi is doing programming with the Northwest Church Planting Network in Portland, Oregon, using skills from his music major and ministry leadership minor to empower the community. Eventually, he hopes to become a worship pastor and train new pastors in Indonesia.

  • Name: Simon Boenaidi
  • Class: 2017
  • Hometown: West Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Major(s): Music
  • Minor(s): Ministry Leadership
  • Next step: Programming intern, Northwest Church Planting Network

What’s one class or professor that had a profound impact on your journey? How so?

Religion 231, The Triune God, taught by Professor Arie Griffoen. In the class, we learned about the topic of suffering and its relationship to the character of God. It made a profound impact on me because it gave me tools to know myself better as a human being in relationship to our Triune God.

What are you most passionate about and how did you discover that passion?

I am passionate about educating and empowering people to worship God through our involvement in contemporary culture. There are some places in the contemporary culture where God is present and interacting with us that we often neglect. Informed by the scripture, we ought to help one another to see and listen to God in those places. I discovered this passion over time through the different classes at Calvin. Calvin helped me to see the world through the lenses of Scripture using different academic disciplines.

What about Calvin specifically prepared you for this next step in your journey?

Calvin helped me in challenging myself in my engagement with the world. Calvin gave me tools that will come handy in times where I need to see that God is redeeming the world.

How has your faith grown at Calvin?

My faith grew at Calvin throughout the difficult times. In my struggle, I was able to put to test the knowledge that Calvin had helped me in thus far, and furthermore, the trust that I have in God’s faithfulness. My faith also grew at Calvin by the confirmation of truth and encouragement of the gifts that I received from the professors, staff and friends at Calvin.

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