June 20, 2017 | News and Stories Staff

This summer, we’re following the class of 2017: Calvin graduates who are journeying around the corner and across the globe. Beka Agava is a software engineering analyst for BlackRock in San Francisco, California.

  • Name: Beka Agava
  • Class: 2017
  • Hometown: Abuja, Nigeria
  • Major(s): Computer Science, Economics
  • Next step: Software engineering, BlackRock

What’s one thing you would want to tell someone starting his or her journey at Calvin?

Be open to change. I am definitely not doing what I thought I would be doing when I started at Calvin (both career-wise and generally speaking), and I am happy to be where I am. Continually re-evaluate your decisions, and do not be afraid to go in new directions.

How has your time at Calvin changed you?

My time at Calvin has taught me to think deeply. I have developed a deep understanding of myself and my relationship with other people. It has pushed me to continually re-evaluate my life and my beliefs, and it has brought me to a place where I find the good in the smallest things and situations.

What part of Calvin’s mission resonates with you, and why?

I resonate with all of Calvin's mission. I like to understand things, to think deeply. I am also now very aware of the injustice around the world, and even though I still most times feel too small to fix it; I know that it takes each person deciding to act justly and with love to bring justice to the world. I also feel a sense of responsibility towards others and the rest of creation.

What’s one thing that surprised you about Calvin?

I was surprised by how caring the professors are. I started college with the expectation that professors would not really care about you specifically, but I met so many awesome professors. They seemed genuinely interested in my progress (both academically and otherwise) and it wasn’t just towards me; they cared about all their students and had their unique relationships with each one of us.

A successful path

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