Religious Liberty for Christian Higher Education and the Common Good

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  • Included in: Symposium on Religious Liberty and Christian Higher Education
  • Published: February 12, 2017
  • Publisher: The Two Kingdoms Network

There are so many clouds and controversies on the horizon for Christian higher education that charting a course for the near and intermediate future is a daunting task. While there have always been challenges unique to Christian colleges and universities, the mission and means to achieve such education in decades past seem in retrospect more straightforward than in the current climate. Perhaps it is always so with the benefit of hindsight and the tyranny of the present. But whereas the challenges of the past primarily dealt with how Christian colleges could be both faithfully Christian and academically robust (even when measured by “secular” standards), the challenge before us now appears to be whether we will be allowed to pursue this mission in a society that increasingly finds our theological doctrines and moral convictions at best strange and at worst discriminatory and vile.



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