Travis Street House


42.9934 -85.66325
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What makes it unique

The Travis house is located on the north side in the Creston neighborhood. The Travis house was donated to Calvin by the Gordon family (of Gordon Food Services), who were excited by the prospect of the home being used for an intentional community. Quality renovations to the house have made it a great set up for students and mentors to live in intentional Christian community within a thriving neighborhood. The Creston area is an ethnically diverse, working class neighborhood. Creston residents are known to organize when faced with community challenges and their work results in a strong sense of ownership in the community.


Because Travis is one of the PN houses owned by Calvin and not a local church, students have been free to identify their own service partnerships in the community. Nearby is Creston CRC (as well as the other PN house, Nizhoni) which provides a great place to both worship and serve.


Creston Neighborhood Association


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