Gezon Auditorium

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  • Phone: (616) 526-6282 (Box Office)


  • Gezon Auditorium
  • Grand Rapids, MI
42.929516 -85.58892
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The Gezon Auditorium has been the main performance space for theatre at Calvin since its dedication in 1974. The theater was designed in the style of the "open vista" stage, popular at the time.

The intimate size and shape of the theater make it an ideal venue for university theatre productions; one in which there are few, if any, bad seats. Because of limited off-stage space, the theater was outfitted with a 26-foot diameter turntable built into the center of the stage. This feature can allow for two settings to be on stage simultaneously, and changed by simply rotating the turntable. Lighting and scenery can be hung over the stage on a series of pipes, some of which lower to the stage floor for easy loading. The theater is served by a computerized lighting control system as well as a state-of-the-art sound system.

Location: The Gezon Auditorium is located adjacent to the main entrance of the Spoelhof Center, near the Admissions office and Spoelhof atrium. Enter on the southwest side of the Spoelhof Center, by the flagpole. Once inside, turn right to enter the Gezon Auditorium lobby.




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