Julie Anne Wildschut

Julie Wildschut


  • MSE in Environmental Engineering Sciences, University of Florida, 2019
  • BS in Engineering with a Civil Concentration, Calvin University, 2000


  • Professional Engineer, State of Michigan, 2015
  • Professional Engineer, State of Colorado, 2005

Professional experience

Representative engineering projects include...

  • Leisure Creek Condominium Association Stream Restoration Design and Monitoring, Dutton, MI, 2017–2022
    Assessed existing geomorphological conditions using BANCs and BEHI models and HEC-RAS. Designed plans to restore hydraulic and geomorphologic function using natural techniques.
  • Calvin Avenue Basin Improvements, Grand Rapids, MI, 2017–19
    Increased detention storage potential and improved water quality through implementation of two-stage ditch and microtopography.
  • Christ Church Water Quality Improvement Modifications Phase 1 and 2, Grand Rapids, MI, 2016–20
    Modeled rainfall-runoff for the 6-acre site using SWMM and to reduce downstream sedimentation. Final construction plans included detention pond with forebay, bioswale, and controlled outlet structure and a step-pool system to stabilize 100 linear feet of severely eroding ravine.
  • Valley Highway (Interstate-25) Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), Denver, CO, 2003–05
    Design Engineer. Evaluated water quality and storm runoff improvements to meet CDOT’s MS4 permit for roadway alternatives presented in the CDOT EIS. Project included HEC-2 modeling, coordination with residents, and written contributions to Water Resources Technical Document and the water resources and floodplain sections of the EIS.
  • Hampden East Detention Pond, Arapahoe County, CO, 2003–05
    Prepared design plans for 24 acre-feet regional detention facility for East Cherry Creek Valley Water and Sanitation District, which includes a sculpted concrete grade control structure, concrete forebays for sedimentation, meandering trickle channels, a micro-pool for secondary sedimentation, a 3-stage outlet structure, an overflow spillway, and landscaping.
  • Autobahn Autobody, Inc, Castle Rock, CO, 2001–02
    Designed 1.3-acre commercial site including detention facility sizing, horizontal control, utility, and grading plans.
  • Pikes Peak Greenway Trail, Colorado Springs, CO, 2000–01
    Designed 1,000 feet of a 12’ wide multi-use trail along Fountain Creek, including hydraulic analysis, low-water crossing, sloped boulder drops, and creek bank protection.


She began working for Plaster Creek Stewards in 2015 with a hydrologic study of the watershed. Since then, she has worked as their project engineer on a variety of projects, including developing a system for quickly assessing the site suitability for curb-cut rain gardens and using natural stream restoration techniques to stabilize the creek. Much of her work involves researching and optimizing green infrastructure performance to provide greater benefit to the community. Prior to this, she worked as a design engineer in Colorado working on projects involving public infrastructure, site development, stormwater management, and stream stabilization.

Research and scholarship

Her current research includes...

  • Suitable green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) alternatives for northern climates
  • Effectiveness of native plants for stormwater reduction
  • Sustainable spring capture and disinfection practices for rural community water supplies in Ecuador
  • Evaluation and assessment of natural stream restoration design technique

Professional services

Mrs. Wildschut is the third-ward representative to the Stormwater Oversight Commission in the City of Grand Rapids. She also coordinates the VEX Robotics team at a local school and continues to work for Plaster Creek Stewards.



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