Ana Barahona Reyes

Ana Barahona Reyes

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  • Name: Ana Barahona
  • Major: Accounting
  • Year at Calvin: Junior
  • Country or countries you grew up in: Honduras
  • Nationality: Honduran
  • High school: International School, Tegucigalpa

What’s the best class or the best professor you’ve had?

So many! Just recently, I took a global literature class with professor Lew Klatt and it made me wish I were English major. We read and analyzed several different works from different eras and around the world, and my homework consisted of reading novels and short stories. It was great. 

What is the community like at Calvin?

It is very hospitable and tight. From the people on your floor, to your professors and staff members, people are interested in the students’ well-being and they want to see you succeed. Your friends will become your second family, and you’ll make fun memories with them, like midnight runs to IHOP.

How have you been helped by the student resources available to you?

Where to begin? I had a tutor for my very first accounting class, it was helpful to have a more knowledgeable student to talk things through and help me understand concepts better. Librarians have been a great resource for research, I know I can rely on CIT every time something funky happens to my computer, going to a calculus study group with upperclassmen tutors my freshman year was great too.

What puts the “Grand” in Grand Rapids? Or, what do you like most about GR?

It’s a charming town, not big enough to have bad traffic, yet big enough to have everything you need. It is very close to Chicago and it is very convenient to be just a short drive away from the airport. There are so many good local restaurants and coffee shops, and I even found a couple markets that sell some of my favorite foods from home! It is a very safe and clean city, and the people are incredibly hospitable.

Anything that surprised you about MI?

All the trees. I love trees!

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