Alicia DeJong

Alicia DeJong

  • Ms. Alicia DeJong
  • International student
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  • Name: Alicia De Jong
  • Major:  Geography
  • Year at Calvin: Sophomore (Graduation Year 2017)
  • Country or countries you grew up in: India, Niger, Uganda, and the Bahamas
  • Nationality: United States of America    
  • High school: Lyford Cay International School

How are the academics at Calvin?

I’ve been told that relative to most Christian colleges, Calvin has a more challenging academic environment. This may be so, but Calvin also offers a range of services, such as tutoring, to help students succeed. Professors are also engaging and willing to help.

How do you get involved at Calvin?

It’s easy to get involved at Calvin – Cokes and Clubs is a great time to sign up for e-mails from all of Calvin’s different student groups. There are plenty of dorm and chapel events, on-campus jobs, volunteer opportunities, and other ways to feel integrated into the community.

Do you work on campus?

I work at the library. It’s a very peaceful place to be after a long day of classes.

What’s your favorite season: fall, winter, spring, or summer?

Fall! The temperature’s just right to be outside enjoying the changing colors or inside snuggling up with a warm drink and a good book.

What advice do you have for students who are thinking about applying to Calvin?

People go to college to further their education, but don’t forget to consider the social aspect of school. No matter where you go, you will interact with and be influenced by other people on a daily basis. At Calvin, the students and faculty you interact with make up a supportive and encouraging Christian community to help you in the next stages of life. 


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