Promoting pedagogy, learning and educational leadership from an integrally Christian perspective.

The Kuyers Institute promotes Christian reflection on every aspect of education, from pre-kindergarten to the college level. We conduct and publish research, develop new approaches and resources, and provide training for educators in many countries and educational settings.

Conference 2019

Announcing the eighth biennial Kuyers Institute conference, "Shaping Christian Learning." Find more information, the Call for Papers, and other Kuyers news here.

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Learn how you can study education at the graduate level at Calvin College.

New Book

A new book, On Christian Teaching by David I. Smith, is now available from Eerdmans. Browse it and other published materials here.

International Journal of Christianity & Education aims to be the first point of reference for academic discussions of the relationship between Christianity and educational theory and practice in formal and informal settings.
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The Kuyers Institute and the Colossian Forum have teamed up to provide a wide range of teaching and learning activities. FASTly shows how to teach faith and science together in a way that is hopeful instead of fearful. Visit



Featured book

Christians and Cultural Difference

by David I. Smith, Pennylyn Dykstra-Pruim

Cultural differences are everywhere. Understanding these differences is now a basic life skill for all of us, not just for missionaries or world travelers. This book offers a brief, critical overview of Christian ways of thinking about how and why we should relate to other cultures.

Encountering cultural differences in the classroom, in the workplace, in the church and in the public square is an everyday part of contemporary life. The chances that we will live our lives interacting only with those who share our cultural identity and ways of thinking are shrinking. Understanding culture and how cultural difference affects how we understand one another and live well together is no longer just for travelers. It has become a basic life skill.

Past Christian ways of thinking about cultural difference as most important for missions to far away places do not harmonize with today's realities. This book offers a brief, critical overview of how Christians have been rethinking their relationship to cultural difference. Creation and fall, the image of God, the body/temple that is the church, neighbor ethics, the trinity, the incarnation and cross of Christ, and the call to welcome strangers—each of these offers distinct challenges to think in Christian ways about how we deal with differences.

Exploring the strengths and weaknesses of various approaches, this book provides a concise guide to current Christian discussions of otherness. It points to rich ways in which Christians can responsibly and graciously embrace cultural difference.


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