Welcome to the Faith in Teaching podcast! In this podcast, Kuyers Institute director David I. Smith talks with researchers and educators who are working to understand how Christian faith affects teaching, learning, and the way we do education.

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  • Episode 16

    New podcast episode: Luke Bretherton (Professor of Theological Ethics and Senior Fellow at the Kenan Institute for Ethics, Duke Divinity School) discusses the meaning of conversion, the centrality of listening, and the relationship between faith and secularism.

  • Episode 15

    Robert J. Keeley discusses the Children's Spirituality Summit (May 24-26, 2021, find more information and register at https://www.childrensspiritualitysummit.org/), and the new book Bridging Theory and Practice in Children's Spirituality: New Directions for Education, Ministry, and Discipleship (Zondervan, April 2021).

  • Episode 14

    David Smith discusses the development of new Christian schools in Kyiv, Ukraine with Tatiana Garkun at a seminar for science and Bible teachers.

  • Episode 13

    Elena Sychova discusses her work in establishing Christian schools in Ukraine and India.

  • Episode 12

    New podcast episode: David Smith and Kara Sevensma, two of the co-authors of Digital Life Together: The Challenge of Technology for Christian Schools, discuss the role of technology in creating community at Christian schools.

  • Episode 11

    David I. Smith and John Witvliet discuss a faculty development workshop in which they explored what John Calvin's commentary on Psalm 19 contributes to modern pedagogy.

  • Episode 10

    Darren Spyksma, Director of Learning at the Society of Christian Schools in British Columbia, discusses a 10-month program in which teachers consider the impact of pedagogy on faith formation.

  • Episode 9

    Faith Nguru (Daystar University, Nairobi, Kenya) Faith Nguru discusses her work and the roles and challenges of Christian universities in Kenya.

  • Episode 8

    Paul Burgis discusses how Presbyterian Ladies' College (Sydney, Australia) builds Christian character and ways of thinking and engaging with a pluralist society.

  • Episode 7

    Marilyn Rhames talks with David Smith about how she created the nonprofit Teachers who Pray (www.teacherswhopray.org), and her new book, The Master Teacher: 12 Spiritual Lessons that Can Transform Schools and Revolutionize Public Education (marilynrhames.com).

  • Episode 6

    David Smith discusses the changing culture of Christian education in Australia with Chris Parker of Christian Education National and author of The Frog and the Fish: Reflections on Work, Technology, Sex, Stuff, Truth, and Happiness. The book helps young adults understand and question how much they have been shaped by their culture.

  • Episode 5

    (Note: Recorded in 2019) David I. Smith talks with Albert Cheng (University of Arkansas) on whether and how schools can assess faith formation in their students.

  • Episode 4

    (Note: Recorded in 2019) Steve McMullen (co-author of Digital Life Together: The Challenge of Technology for Christian Schools) discusses his research on the effects of the amount and type of "screen time" among high school students who use school-issued laptops.

  • Episode 3

    (Note: Recorded in 2019) David I. Smith talks with Natasha Moore of the Centre for Public Christianity (https://www.publicchristianity.org) about engaging with perceptions and misperceptions of Christians and Christianity.

  • Episode 2

    In this second episode of the podcast, David I. Smith discusses the What if Learning approach to teaching with Trevor Cooling (Canterbury Christ Church University, National Institute for Christian Education Research).

  • Episode 1

    Welcome to the first episode of the podcast! This episode features a discussion with Marj Terpstra, professor of education and department chair at Calvin University, about the research behind the new book Digital Life Together: The Challenge of Technology for Christian Schools (Eerdmans).