Public Health Initiative

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In 2015, two nursing department faculty were awarded four years of funding from the Office of the Provost to be one of three major research initiatives launched by the college.

The focus of this initiative was public health and the goals were to offer faculty development seminars, support multidisciplinary public health research projects in the local community and abroad, and develop inter-professional and interdisciplinary collaborative opportunities for faculty and learning experiences for students. 

Public Health Initiative Directors

Gail Zandee, Associate Professor of Nursing
Adejoke Ayoola, Associate Professor of Nursing

Public Health Initiative Participants

  • Kristen Alford, Associate Professor of Social Work
  • Neil Carlson, Director, Center for Social Research
  • Mary Molewyk Doornbos, Professor of Nursing
  • Dawn Frambes, Assistant Professor of Nursing
  • Anna Greidanus, Professor of Art and Art History
  • Gail Heffner, Director of Community Engagement
  • Arlene Hoogewerf, Academic Dean
  • Jesse Moes, Assistant Professor of Nursing
  • Mikael Pelz, Assistant Professor of Political Science
  • Katie Pruss, Assistant Professor of Nursing
  • Barb Timmermans, Associate Professor of Nursing
  • Scott Vander Linde, Professor of Economics
  • Judy Vander Woude, Professor of Speech Pathology and Audiology
  • Amy Wilsterman, Associate Professor of Biology


Adejoke Bolanle Ayoola

Adejoke Ayoola

Dean, Health
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