Biofilm Bacteria and Their Mechanisms to Evade Host Cell Defenses

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Bacteria that exist in communities called biofilms are more resistant to antibiotics, chemical disinfectants, and host defenses.Lauren Bylsma worked with Professor Arlene Hoogewerf to use bacterial and cell culture methods to grow bacteria and macrophages, and use fluorescent and biochemical methods to examine the effects of mediators released from one cell type on the growth of the other cell type. In addition, students will examine transposon mutants and transformed bacterial strains to determine which gene products interact with host cell mediators. This work will contribute to a better understanding of how biofilm bacteria are better able to resist host defenses and cause recalcitrant infections.


Arlene Hoogewerf

Arlene Hoogewerf

Dean, School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)
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