Are you sensing a call to Christian ministry? Calvin’s pre-ministry advising program is intended to assist any Calvin student interested in Christian ministry as a possible vocation.

Discern your calling

Being called by God into a career of Christian ministry can be both exciting and daunting. Finding your way through this call requires prayer and introspection as well as conversation in community—with family members, pastors, fellow church-members, friends and professors. That's where we come in.

Our dedicated pre-ministry advising team is here to talk to you about the joys and challenges of ministry, the task of discerning a calling to ministry, and Calvin's educational opportunities for ministry at both the university and seminary level. In addition to advising, there are also a variety of other available resources and many pre-ministry related events held throughout the year.

If you are hoping to become an ordained pastor in a particular denomination, it is wise to learn early on about the process and ordination requirements of that denomination (check their website or talk to a pastor), as well as to talk with the appropriate people in that denomination about your hopes and goals.

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