Lubbers and Van Ast: Explorations in Analogue and I Only Enhance What is Already There

June – August 2019 | on view in the Permanent Collection Gallery

The Center Art Gallery is pleased to present work by photographer David Lubbers (Calvin, '69) and wood turner and former Calvin student, John Vanast. Both are friends of Calvin, and their work exists in harmonious dialogue with each other. 

Explorations in Analogue | David Lubbers

In 1982, Lubbers moved to Sante Fe and photographed the Southwest extensively. In 1986, Lubbers extended his interest of natural erosion patterns to man-made ruins of Mexico. Photographing with a large-format camera, he photographed not only evidence of time and weather, but also the soul of the people there. Since then he has photographed the West Coast and Michigan, the Netherlands, France and Italy. Four portfolios of his photographs have been published and more recently four books: "Abiding, Landscape of the Soul and Persistence of Vision," "The Waters of Michigan" and "Within Two Miles – Views of the Saugatuck – Douglas Area." He has exhibited in Mexico, Italy and Latvia in addition to numerous shows from Boston to San Francisco in the United States. Learn more about Lubbers' work here.

I Only Enhance What is Already There | John Van Ast

Van Ast shares: Turning is a pilgrimage, getting away from daily routine and self imposed expectations. Visually I relate my love for the beauty of the wood through my turnings. Wood enhances my senses, the beauty, the color, the smell (yes each species of trees has its own smell), the texture, and the way wood talks to me. Wood communicates with me, whether the tree is standing, cut up into logs or planks, if only I know how to listen. Over the years many beautiful pieces, as well as ruined pieces have come off my lathe. The older I get, the better I know how to listen. 

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