Where We Meet and The Useless Exhibition

October 28 – December 14, 2019 | Center Art Gallery

Exhibition Receptions | November 6 and 14, 6 – 9 p.m.

Join for a celebratory reception and opportunity to meet the artists, contributors, curators, and collectors. Refreshments served.

Where We Meet | David Wallace Haskins (Gallery 1)

Using immersive film, light, space, and time, Chicago-based interdisciplinary artist David Wallace Haskins offers a series of surprising and poetic works that slow us down and move us from observer to participant. Each embodied encounter reveals a shift in how we perceive ourselves and each other, inviting us into a new kind of seeing. Exhibition reception: November 6, 6-9 p.m.

The Useless Exhibition | Chris Fox (Gallery 2)

The Useless Exhibition is a collection and review meant for people to consider why we commodify objects, how we affectionately and emotionally covet those items, and how we ultimately move on from them once they're no longer physically, emotionally, or materialistically important. Fourteen invited artists contributed a total of 1100 items for this exhibition with a corresponding manifest listing the objects and the reason these items are still in their possession. Reasons vary from sentimental, to practical, and even symbolic.

The objects may have been useful, kept with the hope to use again, or perhaps kept because the contributor felt obliged to keep them. The reasons are personal and the Manifests serve as a record for each items inclusion in the exhibit. This exhibition is meant to "disperse," meaning each item on display is able to be taken by a visitor. To participate, visit the Center Art Gallery now through December 14. Exhibition reception: November 14, 6-9 p.m.

John James Audubon: Selections from the Permanent Collection

A curated selection of prints from the complete 1966 set of Audubon’s Birds of America. Originally published between 1827 and 1838, Birds of America contains over 400 colored illustrations made from engraved plates–images featuring a vast array of birds that dwell in the United States. Enjoy a look into this recent addition to Calvin’s permanent collection. Co-sponsored by the Hekman Library. Calvin thanks the late Udean Burke for the generous donation to the Calvin permanent collection.

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