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The Calvin StartUp Garage, designed to help students start and scale companies, works to foster the growth of Christ-centered businesses. The Garage has a clear vision to help start 100 companies by 2032. To achieve this, the program offers guest speakers, mentorship, funding opportunities, and a supportive community all aimed at helping the entrepreneurs build impactful companies. Below are a few of the companies that the StartUp Garage has assisted thus far.


The Classic Calndle

Carissa Springvloed

Carissa Springvloed is the founder of The Classic Candle, a company specializing in handmade soy wax candles. She started the company with the vision of offering unique personalized candles ideal for gift-giving. You can find a selection of Carissa’s candles right in our very own Calvin Bookstore.



Cameron Lockrey

Cam Lockrey, founder of Kickback holds one of the success story’s of The Startup Garage. Through the support of the program Cam has built an app, received funding, obtained clients, and networked. Cam has grown Kickback, a local service marketplace on the app store to 690+ users. The app connects individuals who need help around their home with taskers.



Keegan Hall

Keegan Hall is the founder of SeekSpace, a moving and storage company that focuses on helping students move their belongings in and out of their dorms. The process is simple, students pack up and leave their belongings in their dorm room. Then, SeekSpace will either move their items to a location of their choice or store them over the summer.


MyLuvs Redeemed Co.

Myla Kar

Myla Kar, who has since partnered with Haley Holm, founded MyLuvs Redeemed Clothing Co., a sustainably sourced women’s clothing brand focused on creating community. Together they buy clothes from students or thrift stores, and then sell to students through pop-up shops held around campus.

Coleman Studios

Coleman Studios

Madison Coleman

Madison Coleman is the founder of Coleman Studios, a photo and video company focused on equine and lifestyle content. Coleman Studios aims to provide a more accessible option in a very expensive market.



Clive Amoh

Ingray is an art based sticker companmy that has now expanded its offerings to include a variety of popular designs inspired by young people.



Ashlynne Bailey

The mission of Eden is to blend mental and spiritual health, inspire others, build community, and share the good news of Jesus.


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