Kuyers/INCHE conference: Faith and Pedagogy Amid Educational Change, October 6-7

Plenary 1: Why You Need a Diversity Playbook

Michelle Loyd-Paige
Executive Associate to the President
Calvin University

Plenary 3: Panel: Educational Change: The Press and the Pause

Marlene Wall, President, LCC International University
Michelle Loyd-Paige, Calvin University
Jan Hábl, University of Hradec Králové


Kuyers/INCHE conference: Shaping Christian Learning

Plenary 1: Conversion, agency, and education: Reflections on how to theologically narrate and imagine change

Luke Bretherton
Professor of Theological Ethics and Senior Fellow
Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University

Plenary 2: African Christian designs for learning: A panel

Tersur Aben, Theological College of Northern Nigeria
Faith Nguru, Daystar University, Kenya
Marilyn Naidoo, University of South Africa

Plenary 3: Design before planning: A biblical/theological frame

Ken Badley
Professor of Education
Tyndale University College


Conference: Christian Teaching and Learning: Pathways and Possibilities

Plenary 1: "Beyond Hospitality: Finding Wisdom at the Intersections of Practices"

Christine Pohl
Associate Provost and Professor of Christian Ethics
Asbury Theological Seminary

Plenary 2: "Redeeming the Buzzwords: A Distinctively Christian Approach to Innovation in Education"

Beth Green
Program Director for Education

Plenary 3: "What Do We Mean by Christian Education?"

Trevor Cooling
Professor of Christian Education
Canterbury Christ Church University


Conference: Faith and Teaching: Virtue, Practice, Imagination

Plenary 1: "Teaching at Table/Learning to Eat"

Susan M. Felch
Professor of English
Director, Calvin Institute for Christian Scholarship

Plenary 2: "Courage in the Classroom"

Candace Vogler
Professor, Department of Philosophy
University of Chicago

Closing session: "'A Cold Heart Cannot Catch Fire': Imagination, Faith, and Teaching"

David I. Smith
Director, Graduate Studies in Education
Director, Kuyers Institute for Christian Teaching and Learning


Conference: "Virtues, Vices, and Teaching"

Held in October 2013, this conference explored the implications of a focus on virtues and vices for the way Christian teaching and learning are approached. Audio files (MP3) of the three plenary speakers (Jennifer Herdt, Yale Divinity School; L. Gregory Jones, Duke Divinity School; and David K. Naugle, Dallas Baptist University) are available at the Seminars at Calvin webpage.