Calvin College religion professor Matthew Lundberg is the 2017 winner of Calvin’s Presidential Award for Exemplary Teaching, the college’s highest faculty honor. The award recognizes exemplary teachers and advances outstanding teaching at Calvin.

“I’ve learned so much about teaching from others at the college, but most of all, I have learned about effective teaching from all of my colleagues in the religion department, especially those who were once my teachers,” Lundberg said.

After observing him in the classroom, one colleague wrote about Lundberg’s “relaxed manner of teaching” and his “excellent rapport with his students.” He continued: “They were very responsive to his teaching, as they asked and answered questions and made observations on the material.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed having Professor Lundberg as both an adviser and a teacher,” said one of his students. “I have only good things to say about him.”

One criterion for the award is scholarly work and service to the college, the church, the profession or the community, and here, too, Lundberg excels.

“Sometimes teaching is frustrating,” Lundberg said, “but most of the time, it’s tremendously satisfying. And I am deeply thankful to be part of this important work at Calvin.”