Calvin University launched a unique program for high school juniors and seniors who are in a Spanish immersion program at their high school. These students are already fluent in Spanish and are ready to deepen their understanding of the language, which they now can do by taking Calvin courses.

The inaugural cohort of 12 juniors is from Grandville Calvin Christian High School. The students can earn a minor in Spanish along with a semester’s worth of college credit before they even graduate from high school. They are taking a course each semester on Calvin’s campus.

“Learning Spanish in college as a high school junior is an amazing opportunity, a head start to be able to learn so much,” said Melissa Scholten.

“All the time we spent learning Spanish can have some benefit to our lives, and it can actually help us go somewhere in the future,” said Savoie Bryce, high school junior.

“I feel like this partnership gives opportunities to our students that we couldn’t have offered in our program,” said Katy Chadwik Rozemma ‘09, Grandville Calvin Christian’s Spanish Immersion director.