The board of trustees approved a project concept for a new outdoor stadium. This stadium would be the home for Calvin’s men’s and women’s soccer and men’s and women’s lacrosse teams.

Those teams currently play at Zuidema Field, located on the north end of campus on natural turf.

The approved concept has seating for 1,200 spectators, a synthetic turf field, and lights. Additional plans include team locker rooms, a press box, a ticket entrance center, public restrooms, and a concession stand.

Jim Timmer, Calvin director of athletics, said the time is right for a new outdoor stadium.

“During my time as a coach and administrator, it has become increasingly clear that a competition field with synthetic turf is greatly needed,” said Timmer.

“In a northern climate, keeping natural grass growing into the late fall or regenerating the field in the early spring is challenging. The wear and tear on the field with four teams has also increased. We have frequently moved home games for soccer or lacrosse to local high schools with synthetic turf fields when our own field becomes unplayable. Our fervent goal is to play our games on campus. Doing so is a great benefit to our student-athletes and to the greater Calvin community.”

The stadium opens up new opportunities for Calvin. National tournament events could rent the space. High school games could also be played on the field. Timmer expects that the field would be in use for summer sports camps.

The Calvin community would also benefit. The stadium could be used for outdoor physical education classes and intramural activities. The baseball and softball teams could use the synthetic turf as a practice site when their fields’ conditions are inadequate.

The Calvin development office is working with interested donors. “We have been blessed with significant donor interest, which has helped move this concept forward,” said Timmer. “I would also like to thank the Calvin board of trustees for its support and recognizing the need for this outdoor facility.”

Calvin is working with the design firm GMB. The company designed Calvin’s Spoelhof Fieldhouse Complex.