College Access Programs is expanding its offerings this summer. All of its programs, like Entrada, inspire interest in postsecondary education and promote readiness for college life.

A new opportunity called the Career Exploration Program is open to all high school students. The one-week program provides students with experience in a particular field of study.

The College Access Programs team saw a need to help students explore majors before college, developing a program that helps students see potential careers, and participate in hands-on learning experiences.

“Through this program, we hope to help students save time and money by making decisions ahead of time based on this valuable experience,” said Rosalba Ramîrez, director of College Access Programs.

Another new program is the International Summer Academy, aimed at international students. The academy has two tracks: a language track and an academic track. The language track is for students who need to improve their understanding of the English language before beginning college courses. The academic track is for students who are already at an advanced language level but who want a first college exposure. Both are residential programs. To learn more, visit