A space in the lower level of the Spoelhof University Center has been transformed from a tucked away space to an imaginative center for art and creativity.

The Edgar G. Boevé Design Hub and the Ervina Boevé Costume Shop celebrate the enduring influence of two of Calvin University’s founding artists. With a combined 60 years as professors in art and theater respectively, the Boevés taught their students to value the power of story, aesthetics, and technique.

And that’s exactly what students will learn through experiences in this new design hub, said Brent Williams, director of exhibitions. The 6,000-square-foot space includes a common area, an open classroom, two conference rooms, four studio suites, a copy room, and costume shop. The space will serve as a home base for graphic design students, and engineering courses will also be taught in the classroom.

Designed to look like a professional setting with polished concrete floors and the latest technology, it’s been a welcome change.

“Student feedback has been really positive,” said Williams, who taught the first class in the space in January 2021. Because the space includes corkboards, whiteboards, and flexible seating, the space itself evolved as students got further into their projects. “It feels like a living space, and that gives students a lot of energy.”