Richard Mouw, a widely respected theologian and philosopher, has joined the Paul B. Henry Institute for the Study of Christianity and Politics at Calvin University as a senior research fellow. Mouw has served the past 35 years at Fuller Theological Seminary, for two of those decades as its president. This September, his work takes him back to where his career in academia began: Calvin, where he taught philosophy from 1968 to 1985. Mouw has been long established as a leading thinker of how Christians can engage in politics with civility.

“For his entire career Dr. Mouw has been thinking about what it means to be faithful to Christianity while also giving politics its due,” said Micah Watson, director of the Henry Institute. “Our students want to do this well, and it’s hard to find a better guide for them than Dr. Mouw. I am excited for the opportunities that having him here will afford our faculty and students. We will have a resource that no other school will have.”

His research includes a book project on a Christian consideration of patriotism as well as several research projects within the context of Calvinist political thought.