Jack Bajema ’66
May 4, 2019, Gregory, Mich

Andrew Bandstra ’50
Feb. 8, 2019, Kent City, Mich.

Johannes Bantjes ’64
Mar. 22, 2019, Byron Center, Mich.

Carol Bardolph ex’68
Aug. 14, 2018, Cicero, Ill.

Judith Plekker Bielema ’59
June 10, 2019, Holland, Mich.

Barry Blankers ’58
April 2, 2019, Lyden, Wash.


Edgar Boeve


When Edgar Boevé first came to teach at Calvin in 1958, he was on a mission: to build an art program second to none among Christian liberal arts colleges. His mission would not be an easy one.

“It was a completely foreign idea to anyone,” Boevé said in a 1995 interview with Spark. “How does one in a Christian context be an artist?”

Boevé focused daily on that question in his 33 years as a professor and long after as a Christian artist. Known as the founder of the Calvin art department, Boevé died March 6 at the age of 89.

“Edgar provided new thinking with a visual-awareness awakening to multicultural, interdisciplinary education.” said Helen Bonzelaar, a longtime colleague of Boevé’s.

Boevé studied art at the J. Franklin School of Professional Art in New York City; he graduated from Calvin in 1953 and then earned a master of arts from the University of Michigan.

During his tenure at Calvin, Boevé served as the first chair of the art department, a position he held for 14 years. He also became president of Christians in Visual Arts, a group that regularly expressed what it meant for them to be in this profession.

The Calvin Alumni Association awarded him the Faith and Learning Award in 1995, which recognizes faculty members who have successfully integrated faith and learning.

Boevé and his late wife, Ervina, who served for 37 years as a Calvin theater professor, will also be remembered by the legions of theater students to whom the Boevés opened their home for dinner and festivities around theater productions.

His artwork, commissioned by many Christian high schools and churches, depicts many of Jesus’ miracles, teachings, and prophecies. His inspiration continues to lead Christians to worship through the aesthetics of visual symbolism, a form nearly lost in the evangelical tradition after the Reformation.

James Bos ex’59
Mar. 11, 2019, Hawi, Hawaii

Theodore Brouwer ’53
May 12, 2019, Byron Center, Mich.

Allen Bultman ’56
Mar. 8, 2019, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Charles Bylsma ex ’69
April 20, 2018, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Andrew Cammenga ’67
Jan. 16, 2019, Lynden, Wash.

Sydney Cammenga ’58
Feb. 4, 2019, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Dale Claerbaut ’67
Feb. 15, 2019, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Daniel De Lange ’61
Mar. 21, 2018, Miami, Fla.

Bert Den Herder ’52
June 30, 2018, Edgerton, Minn.

Rosemary Franken De Vos ’51
Feb. 27, 2019, Zeeland, Mich.

Sheryl Ebels Durkee ’65
April 25, 2019, Oklahoma City, Okla.

Earl Dykema ’51
Mar. 1, 2019, Marion, Iowa

Evelyn Van Liere Edwards ex’54
Jan. 24, 2019, Madison, S.D.

J. Ellens ’53
April 13, 2018, Novi, Mich.

Richard Evenhouse ex’57
Feb. 27, 2019, Glendale, Ariz.

Harold Feringa ’48
Feb. 19, 2019, Jenison, Mich.

Gerald Frens ’65
Feb. 15, 2019, Elk Grove Village, Ill.

Gordon Geldof ex’58
April 27, 2019, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Joyce Green ex’54
April 14, 2019, Lowell, Mich.

Wilma Groeneveld Gunnink ex’53
Mar. 16, 2019, Ada, Mich.

Johanna Keuning Graves ex’50
Dec. 2, 2018, Holland, Mich.

Martheen Geelhoed Griffioen ’54
May 20, 2019, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Christoffer Hamming ’64
May 23, 2019, Coquitlam. B.C.

Sidney Holwerda ex’68
Feb. 27, 2019, Hudsonville, Mich.

Marvin Honderd ex’47
Feb. 16, 2019, Byron Center, Mich.

Harvey Huiner ’59
Feb. 16, 2019, Lynchburg, Va.

Pat Vree Huisjen ex’43
Jan. 8, 2019, South Holland, Ill.

Melle (Melvin) Huizinga ’64
Jan. 15, 2019, Edmonton, Alta.

William Ipema ’65
April 14, 2019, Oak Park, Ill.

Lloyd Jasper ex’58
Nov. 25, 2018, Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Evelyn Van Til Jenson ‘46
Sept. 22, 2018, Kingsville, Texas

Jerry Jonker ex’39
Feb. 25, 2019, Holland, Mich.

Irene Van Egmond Kimm ex’42
April 3, 2019, Manhattan, Mont.

Matthew Koning ex’63
Feb. 17, 2019, Wyoming, Mich.

Clarence Kooi ’47
May 9, 2019, Scottsdale, Ariz.

Stanley Koster ’60
Feb. 22, 2019, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Carol Yskamp Kuiken ’62
Mar. 21, 2019, Hawthorne, N.J.

Herman Leestma ’48
Jan. 17, 2019, Spokane, Wash.

Martin Lettinga ex’66
April 19, 2019, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Roger Moll ex’50
Mar. 25, 2019, Willard, Ohio

Senetta Moll ex’41
Mar. 28, 2019, Willard, Ohio

Dorothy Molnar ‘69
Feb. 28, 2018, Chicopee, Mass.

Hester Monsma ’47
May 25, 2019, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Lucarol Timmerman Mulder ex’64
Jan. 23, 2019, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Alice Heins Meyers ex’51
May 5, 2019, Meridian, Idaho

Linda Haveman Nagel ’69
Jan. 26, 2019, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Stanley Noteboom ’62
Feb. 8, 2019, Ada, Mich.

Frederick Oppewal ex’54
Mar. 30, 2019, Allendale, Mich.

Marjorie Heuvelman Palmbos ex’59
May 18, 2019, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Frank Pettinga ’47
Mar. 13, 2019, Holland, Mich.

Starling Post ex’50
Dec. 8, 2018, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Richard Quick ex’57
July 20, 2018, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Dorothy Hoving Ribbens ex’49
Oct. 27, 2018, Holland, Mich.

Bernice Vander Weide Ritzema ex’44
April 5, 2019, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Constance VanZytveld Wiersma ex’49
May 4, 2019, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Jean Star Ryskamp ’46
April 4, 2019, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Harold Seerveld ’55
Feb. 9, 2019, Daytona Beach, Fla.

Kathleen Van Dyk Sikkema ex’45
April 2, 2018, Seymour, Mo.

Hazel Smits Taatjes ’66
Sept. 1, 2019, Grandville, Mich.

Kenneth Tanis ’60
July 23, 2018, Newton Square, Pa.

Burton Tjapkes ex’48
Mar. 17, 2019, Gainesville, Fla.

Louise Heersink Tolsma ex’51
Aug. 14, 2018, Alamosa, Colo.

Marcia Newhouse Tuinstra ex’69
April 13, 2019, Hastings, Mich.

Glenn Van Dommelen ’52
April 9, 2019, Rockford, Mich.

Robert Van Dyke ex’57
Mar. 25, 2019, Chandler, Ariz.

Roger Van Harn ’54
Feb. 9, 2019, Grand Rapids, Mich.

James Van Kuiken ’56
May 7, 2019, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Barbara Hoeksema Van Laar ’65
May 27, 2019, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Janet Vanderzwaag VanStaalduinen ’58
Feb. 25, 2019, Holland, Mich.

Gladys VanderWall VanSwol ’57
June 27, 2019, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Barbara Dekker Van Wylen ex’49
Jan. 20, 2019, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Audrey Baker Veldhof ’66
June 3, 2019, Zeeland, Mich.

Helen Vander Mey Veldkamp ex’57
Jan. 9, 2019, Escondido, Calif.

Calvin Verbrugge ’59
Mar. 10, 2019, Racine, Wis.

John Verwolf ’58
Mar. 24, 2019, Grand Rapids, Mich. John served as Calvin’s first placement (now Career Center) director from 1978 to 1993.

William Verwolf ’66
Mar. 2, 2019, Hot Springs National Park, Ark.

Judy Van Huis Vroon ex’57
Feb. 27, 2019, Grand Rapids, Mich.

James Wagner ’66
April 7, 2019, Grandville, Mich.

Helen Brink Walter ex’52
Feb. 23, 2019, Grand Rapids, Mich.

David Westmaas ’67
Nov. 14, 2018, Marion, Mich.

Nellie Scheurwater Wiersema ex’41
June 4, 2019, Kalamazoo, Mich.

Henry Wind ex’45
Feb. 17, 2019, Mountlake Terrace, Wash.

Marcella Witvoet Winter ’61
Jan. 21, 2019, Rossmoor, Calif.

Frances Lautenbach Wobbema ’45
April 12, 2019, Grand Rapids, Mich.

James Wyngaarden ex’43
June 14, 2019, Durham, N.C.

Benjamin Ypma ’49
Mar. 7, 2019, Grandville, Mich.


Ronda Boss ’79
June 4, 019, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Ruth Hesselink Brower ’72
May 7, 2019, Montague, Mich.

Julie Brubaker ex’78
Aug. 1, 2018, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Dale Dieleman ’70
May 6, 2019, Grand Rapids, Mich.

John Dyer III ’70
Feb. 28, 2019, Palm Coast, Fla.

Robert Ellard ex’78
Feb. 6, 2018, Walpole, Mass.

Kenneth Grissen ’70
Aug. 14, 2018, Terre Haute, Ind.

Carla Van Slot Herweyer ex’76
April 1, 2019, Holland, Mich.

Otis Howard ex’72
Jan. 23, 2019, Springfield, Ill.

Mark Koetje ex’77
Mar. 2, 2019, Belding, Mich.

Robert Rosendahl ’77
April 5, 2019, Holland, Mich.

Clarence Reyneveld ’76
April 3, 2018, Jenison, Mich.

James Vanden Berg ex’71
April 21, 2019, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Steven Van Heest ’74
Mar. 10, 2019, Battle Creek, Mich.


Robert Ebels ex’87
May 19, 2019, Hersey, Mich.

Dawn DeKoster Evink ’86
April 20, 2019, Zeeland, Mich.

Constance Bartleson Johnson ’81
Feb. 14, 2019, Homewood, Ill.

Douglas Rosema ex’82
Feb. 14, 2019, Grand Rapids, Mich.


Pieter Lion ’96
June 3, 2019, Douglas, Mich.

Emily Vander Lugt ’93
May 18, 2019, San Antonio, Texas


Austin Huisingh ’17
Mar. 16, 2019, Hudsonville, Mich.


Daniel Bays


As an undergraduate student at Stanford University, Daniel Bays became captivated by Asia—and one country in particular.

After earning his BA in history from Stanford, Bays would go on to earn an MA in Far Eastern studies (China) and a PhD in the history of modern China from the University of Michigan. China would become an
“intellectual fascination” (as Bays would say), a research focus, a place to explore the intersection of faith and culture, and a popular travel destination for Bays.

Bays, a voracious learner, dedicated scholar, and professor emeritus of history at Calvin, died May 19 at age 77, following his battle with Parkinson’s disease.

In 1984, while teaching at the University of Kansas, John Fairbank of Harvard University tasked Bays with a major research project on Christianity in China. Fairbank is considered the father of China studies in the U.S.

Bays directed the project, which supported top scholars in their research on aspects of Chinese Christianity. The resulting 1996 volume, edited by Bays, opened up a new field in modern China studies.

Bays came to Calvin in 2000 to serve as the prestigious Spoelhof Teacher-Scholar in Residence chair. In 2002 he joined the faculty of the history department and led Calvin’s efforts to create an Asian studies program.

“I was truly privileged to have partnered with Dan Bays for 12 years in growing the Asian studies program at Calvin,” said Larry Herzberg, Calvin Chinese professor. “For his many years as director of Asian studies, Dan gave generous grants to many of our faculty for travel to Asia to help them create new courses related to that part of the world or to do research related to Asia. He brought in many notable guest speakers to help inform the Calvin community about matters related to China and Japan.”

Bays is survived by his wife, Janice, and children, Kristen (Chris) Hite and Justin (Sarah) Bays, as well as two grand-daughters.