World-renowned Christian philosopher Nicholas Wolterstorff ’53 shares glimpses into his life through a series of vignettes in his memoir, In This World of Wonders: Memoir of a Life in Learning (Eerdmans Publishing, 2019).

“I think of the succession of the vignettes as scenes on a journey through the landscape of memory,” Wolterstorff writes in the preface. “As a scene catches my eye, I stop to look. … There are benches here and there where I can sit and reflect on the significance of what I am seeing. Now and then, I glance ahead.”

His book moves from his humble beginnings in a tiny Minnesota village to his education at Calvin and Harvard, to his career of teaching philosophy and writing books, to the experiences that prompted some of his writing.

“This marvelous memoir embodies everything I admire about Nick Wolterstorff,” writes Calvin philosophy professor James K.A. Smith. “It is wise, humane, and beautiful, infused with love and a passion for justice.”