These 21 retiring faculty members spent their careers equipping students to think deeply, act justly, and live wholeheartedly as Christ's agents of renewal in the world.

Cal Jen

Cal Jen, business, 2007–2018

Jen Koop

Jen Koop, mathematics and statistics, 1989–2018

Joel Carpenter

Joel Carpenter, Provost, history, Nagel Institute, 1996–2018

Bob Eames

Bob Eames, business, 2003–2018, 2010–2018

Larry Louters

Larry Louters, chemistry and biochemistry, 1984–2018

Greg Mellema

Greg Mellema, philosophy, 1975–1976, 1977–2018

Arie Griffioen

Arie Griffioen, religion, 1992–2018

David Hoekema

David Hoekema, philosophy, academic dean, 1992–2018

Rich Nyhof

Rich Nyhof, biology, 1983–2018

Ron Sjoerdsma

Ron Sjoerdsma, education, 1991–2018

Shirley Roels

Shirley Roels, business, Lilly Vocation Project, 1979–2018

Phil Stegink

Phil Stegink, education, 2007–2018

Evert Van Der Heide

Evert Van Der Heide, economics, 1982–2018

Gary Talsma

Gary Talsma, mathematics and statistics, 1984–2018

Barb Timmermans

Barb Timmermans, nursing, 1983–1988, 1992–2003, 2014–2018

Randy Van Dragt

Randy Van Dragt, biology, 1975–1976, 1981–2018

Jim Vanden Bosch

Jim Vanden Bosch, English, 1982–2018

Frank Speyers

Frank Speyers, art and art history, 1988–2018

Mike Stob

Mike Stob, mathematics and statistics, 1981–2018

Jo-Ann Van Reeuwyk

Jo-Ann Van Reeuwyk, art and art history, 2001–2018