The Calvin Alumni Association board elected officers for 2016–17:

Dare Odumosu ’05, a pharmaceutical executive from Philadelphia, is president; Sierra Yazzie Asamoa-Tutu ’06, a healing generation therapist from St. Paul, Minn., is president-elect; and Cheryl Hubers Ten Brink ’81, a customer service rep from Kalamazoo, Mich., is secretary.

The alumni leaders met in July and agreed to encourage all alumni to take action on behalf of the Calvin admissions office during the coming academic year.

Here are some examples:

1. Recommend One
2. Volunteer at a college fair
3. Request travel vouchers to hand deliever to students
4. Bring students to campus for a visit
5. Host a reginal event
6. Write a note to students in your area encouraging them to apply and visit
7. Become aware of key enrollment dates (
8. Congratulate students who are admitted
9. Lead a group visit to campus with students from you local school or youth group
10. Know the admissions rep for your area (

“We need all alumni to ignite a future Knight,” said Odumosu. “Enrollment support will be our number one alumni priority.”