Carol Pearson Baarda ex’55 of Grand Rapids, Mich., on 12/19/15.

Ken Bergsma ex’42 of Grand Rapids, Mich., on 11/19/15.

Arthur Bosscher ’34 of Jenison, Mich., on 12/10/15.

Don Branderhorst ex’49 of Holland, Mich., on 10/18/15.

Arlene Poppen Bruggink ’48 of Grand Rapids, Mich., on 10/25/15.

Joanne De Vries ’55 of North Olmsted, Ohio, on 10/17/15.

Lorraine La Huis Elliot ex’43 of Zeeland, Mich., on 10/29/15.

Donald Groelsma ’52 of Potomac, Md., on 9/21/15.

Mary Hertel Hansen ’50 of Grand Rapids, Mich., on 11/27/15.

Jane Jager Hoekstra ex’55 of Zeeland, Mich., on 10/28/15.

Donald Klooster ’49 of Cedar Springs, Mich., on 11/7/15.

Clarence Landhuis ’50 of Byron Center, Mich., on 12/26/15.

Gerald Nyenhuis ’51 of Mexico City, Mexico, on 11/1/15.

Leona Schutt Oppewal ex’49 of Whitinsville, Mass., on 10/21/15.

Peter Osterbaan ’61 of Zeeland, Mich., on 10/25/15.

Dale Penning ex’53 of Grand Rapids, Mich., on 10/16/15.

Bill Peterson ’53 of Glen Arbor, Mich., on 12/24/15.

Richard Post ’42 of Grand Rapids, Mich., on 12/12/15.

Henry Posthumus ex’39 of Chico, Calif., on 9/16/15.

Marvin Ritsema ’61 of Grandville, Mich., on 10/29/15.

Ann Schnyders Slager ’53 of Hudsonville, Mich., on 10/31/15.

John Vanden Hoek ex’39 of Tucson, Ariz., on 12/19/15.

Lambert VanderKooi ’57 of Portage, Mich., on 11/17/15.

Robert VanderLaan ’52 of Caledonia, Mich., on 11/1/15.

Marjorie Van Kooten ’58 of Cooper Landing, Alaska, on 12/4/15.

Edward Welde ex’60 of Grand Rapids, Mich., on 1/11/15.

John Woltjer ’64 of Grand Rapids, Mich., on 10/18/15.

Carl Sinke

Carl Sinke

From railroads to singing to politics to statistics, interests were plentiful for Carl Sinke ’49. The longtime Calvin mathematics professor emeritus died on Jan. 20, 2016.

“Carl chaired the mathematics department most years from 1964 to 1985,” said Calvin mathematics professor and dean Michael Stob. “This was a period of enormous change both in the personnel and curriculum, and Carl was a calm and steady presence in the department.”

During his 35-year tenure, Sinke developed and taught the first Calvin course in statistics. He also had a special interest in serving teachers of mathematics.

“Carl would teach anything,” said Stob. “He often taught upper-level courses as an uncompensated overload.”

Through a stern and gruff exterior, Sinke endeared himself to students because of his authentic concern for every student’s welfare.

Sinke’s love of trains was widely known. “His interim on the railroads in American history was legendary and always filled early in registration,” said Stob. “His backyard train was ridden by many faculty children and in the days of the Knollcrest Festival, Carl would bring the train to campus to give rides along the sidewalk.”

Carl is survived by his wife, Cora Mae; his children: Charles Sinke, Tom and Carol Sinke, Betsy Sinke, Laura and Roger Szotko; and seven grandchildren.


Jim Leenstra ’69 of Byron Center, Mich., on 12/14/15.

Larry Vandergrift ’69 of Ottawa, Ont., on 11/1/15.


Paul De Koster ’71 of Matthews, N.C., on 12/11/15.

Thomas Hoekstra ’78 of Hudsonville, Mich., on 10/19/15.

Randy Sturrus ’76 of Muskegon, Mich., on 12/15/15.


Thomas Last ex’87 of Grand Rapids, Mich., on 10/13/15.

Carol Pothoven Topp ’84 of Grand Rapids, Mich., on 10/25/15.

June DeBoer

June DeBoer

As a longtime member of Calvin’s Student Academic Services department, June DeBoer ’82 clearly had a heart for students.

“June found her calling and her deep joy in helping students overcome barriers or adversity and find the pathway to academic success,” said colleague and friend Jane Hendriksma.

DeBoer died in November 2015 after a yearlong battle with cancer. She was 55.

DeBoer began her career as a sixth-grade teacher at Kelloggsville Christian School in Grand Rapids, where she spent 18 years. She joined Calvin in 2001 as a coordinator for students with disabilities. In 2010 she was promoted to associate director of academic services.

“June was a passionate advocate for the students with whom she worked. As a teacher and academic counselor, she worked tirelessly to help students discover and realize their potential, celebrating each success along the way with joy and encouragement,” said Tom Steenwyk, director of academic services.


Mary Smit ’90 of New Haven, Conn., on 11/3/15.


Mark Clover ’04 of Caledonia, Mich., on 12/24/15.


Paul Buursma HON of Grand Rapids, Mich. on 12/20/15.