Calvin’s 2014 incoming class of 1,026 students—951 first-time-in-any-college (FTIAC) and 75 transfer students—represents academic strength, geographic breadth and record diversity. Calvin’s total student population this year is 3,993—down about 1% from last year.

“The mission of Calvin College is compelling and relevant, and we are excited to be able to attract students from a variety of educational upbringings—from west Michigan to California, from Canada to Ghana, to be a part of a global campus here at Calvin,” said Russ Bloem, vice president for enrollment management.

Calvin’s students hail from 57 countries, 47 U.S. states and five Canadian provinces. For the 2014–15 academic year, international students comprise 10.6% of the student body, and AHANA (African, Hispanic, Asian and Native American) students make up an additional 13.1% of the student body—a record for the college. These populations have grown significantly over the past decade so that now about one in every four students on campus brings a particularly diverse perspective.

“The college is excited to welcome students from every nation to campus,” said Bloem. “What we are realizing more and more is that when you bring together a diverse group of students the learning environment is much richer. And, we not only see this as a benefit for Calvin, but also for west Michigan as the college attracts more talented students to the region. 

In addition to Calvin’s record-setting diversity in its first-year class, the class also boasts an average GPA of 3.69, the highest in recent history. First-year enrollment in the college’s graduate programs also reached an all-time high of 99 students.