A distinguished group of educators and advocates for Christian education have begun a dialogue with Calvin administrators on developing a Christian college in Hong Kong.

Calvin alumnus Bradley Miller ’86, an executive with J.P. Morgan in that city, notified the college of this interest in November and agreed to broker an initial conversation between Calvin and the Hong Kong planning team.

Two days of conversations were conducted at Union Church and at Breakthrough, the impressive youth leadership organization led by Leung Wai Tai—whose son Horasis is a Calvin graduate. Steven Yung of Imagi International and Patrick Chan, the vice chancellor of Hong Kong University, were also key participants.

Calvin’s team was led by college vice presidents Claudia Beversluis (provost) and Ken Erffmeyer (advancement), along with off-campus programs director Don De Graaf and alumni director Michael Van Denend.

It is hoped that the dialogue has set a foundation for further conversations about how Calvin might play a key role in the development of Christian higher education in Hong Kong.

While in the city, alumni were invited to gather at Union Church for the first-ever official network event in Hong Kong. Alumnus Jack Cheung ’04 agreed to keep the momentum going and schedule another event for alumni there in the spring.


If you want to receive more information about this group, contact the Calvin Alumni Association at alumni@calvin.edu.