Nearly 30 alumni turned out for the opening of the first Korean Calvin Alumni Network, led by graduate Min Woo Heo ’09. Heo shared his purpose for the meeting and what the network could become in the country.

“Everyone agreed to make the association a permanent thing. So we will meet twice a year, minimum. During the next meeting, we will have an election and appoint leaders for the future,” Heo said.

Heo asked four network members to join him in talking further about the direction of the new organization: E.B. Cho, Hwajin Kim, Soheon Park and Sunkyo Jung.

Apart from establishing a local alumni association, Heo is asking alumni to work with him to make Calvin known among prospective students in the country by visiting churches and schools.

“I think the key phrase for this year is ‘well-organized empowerment,’” Heo said. “The leaders will come up with a well-established foundation and philosophy for the local alumni association. We are so thrilled for this opportunity and are grateful for the support and vision that the college and the alumni association have provided. Now, hopefully, we are going to do something that we can return the gratitude.”