More than 330 heads of Christian schools have completed the Van Lunen Center Fellows program since 2007. Their leadership impacts nearly a half million students in Christian schools worldwide. In collaboration with other Van Lunen Fellows, and equipped with executive management skills, Fellows are leading their school communities with increased knowledge, confidence, and renewed faith.


In July 2007, the Van Lunen Center was established at Calvin College, now university, in Grand Rapids, Michigan to provide world-class executive management training for heads of schools based on the historic Christian faith. The Center was named for Richard D. Van Lunen, whose foundation initially gave charitable grants to Christian schools for new programs and building projects.

The year-long Fellows program is led by faculty who are current or former heads of Christian schools. During the year, each Fellow is required to complete an applied project drawn from new skills and information received during Van Lunen sessions. At the heart of the program is its “Big Tent” philosophy with approximately 20 different faith traditions represented among all Van Lunen Fellows from the U.S., Canada, and abroad.

General information

The Van Lunen Center is an executive management training program for heads of schools based on the historic Christian faith. It is designed for those who have been in their leadership positions for at least one year and report directly to the governing board of their schools. They lead schools large and small, rural and urban, and in wealthy and underserved communities. Program participants (Fellows) are from the U.S., Canada, and abroad. They represent 20 different faith traditions.

Each year a cohort of 20-24 Fellows participates in the Center’s year-long training program that includes three weeks in residence. The first and third sessions are in July at the host school, Calvin University, in Grand Rapids, Michigan; the second session is in winter at the Franciscan Renewal Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. Faculty for the Fellows program are five current heads of Christian schools and/or former heads of Christian schools along with specialists and consultants for specific topics. The curriculum contains strategic planning, change management, advancement, fundraising & development, marketing & enrollment, and board governance – plus occasional specialized subjects. An applied project must be completed during the management training program that benefits each Fellow’s school. Drawn from new skills and information received in Van Lunen sessions, and guided by faculty experts, the applied project is the culmination of each Fellow’s Van Lunen Center experience. At the final July session, Fellows present an 8-minute video of their project that reflects its impact on their schools. Browse through the list of applied projects.

Core values that form the basis of the Fellows program are:

  • Distinctively Christian: We are committed to Christian principles for executive management education.
  • Big Tent: We intentionally recruit Fellows from differing Christian traditions and create an environment where Fellows respect and learn from these traditions.
  • Excellent: Excellence in instruction and continuing support for Christian school heads is central to our mission.
  • Diverse: We are diverse by design with respect to culture, ethnicity, gender, school size, Christian tradition, curriculum, and pedagogy.
  • Collaborative: We partner with organizations that are committed to enhancing the future of Christian schools and work with a variety of school associations to that end.
  • Applied: Heads of school implement ideas, skills, and projects in the context of their own schools. We are committed to on-the-ground applicability.