Life feels bigger here,
because life is bigger here.

With the freedom to explore God’s truth anywhere, on a campus infused with a shared amazement in our Creator, you’ll sense it: A want—a need—to learn, explore, imagine and create. You’ll see things and experience things you’d only dreamed of. So—are you ready to wonder on with us?

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God said "Yes" to her Calvin College dream, and Bethany Love has been saying "Yes" to every opportunity ever since—from the classroom to the stage to the shot put nationals.

Discovery takes an open mind.

God gave you passions for a reason, and Calvin will help you figure out what that reason is. If you're open to the opportunities that surround you here, you'll be amazed at what can happen. You'll be even more amazed at the person you can become.

Calvin Wayfinder


Music major Kelvyn Koning is in the midst of writing an original piece, a soaring piano concerto that resonates deeply, echoing both the grace and dissonance of God’s creation.

God creates, and in his image, so do we.

Through art, perhaps more than any other pursuit, we mirror both the awesomeness and intimacy of God. At Calvin, you’ll find the space, time, inspiration and courage to put pen to paper, fingers to keys, brush to canvas, and reflect God’s immense beauty like no one else ever has.

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You’d think a Juniper Prize-winning author (and Grand Rapids’ current Poet Laureate) would say he always knew he was a writer. But English Professor Lew Klatt’s professional journey has been long and winding and uncertain—which is exactly why you want him on your side.

We don't run from messiness.

Life isn’t a series of binary choices, because nothing is that simple. You need courage and conviction to navigate this big, complicated world—and here at Calvin, courage and conviction are what you’ll find.

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Interdisciplinary major Thuy-Tien Nguyen works with the groundbreaking Plaster Creek Stewards initiative—a collaboration between Calvin faculty, staff, students and community partners committed to restoring health and beauty to Grand Rapids’ most contaminated stream.

This journey matters.

At Calvin, truth isn’t just about the facts we already know. It's discovered in the questions we’re willing to ask about God and his creation. And the real power of truth is the amazing, breathtaking, life-shaping journey we take to get there.

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Three-time All-American swimmer Johnson Cochran thrives in and out of the water. He holds Calvin records in the 100 and 200-meter breaststroke and is excelling as a biochemistry and neuroscience scholar. Limits? Not here.

Greatness doesn’t happen overnight.

You have to work at it, over and over and over. It means wondering just how far you can push yourself—and discovering that it’s a lot further than you dreamed. Need motivation? The dedication required to soar past boundaries permeates the very DNA of Calvin College.

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