Ready to Meet Your Roommate? We make the match, you make the magic

Ready to Meet Your Roommate?

If you don’t know who you will room with at Calvin, not to worry! The residence life staff puts a lot of care in to matching you with your ideal roommate based off the information you provide on your housing application. Meet some Calvin roommates who have made it through the awkward stage already...

Andrew and John—2nd Huizenga

ANDREW | Undecided major | Zeeland, Mich.
JOHN | History and Psychology | Northbrook, Ill.

Andrew and John are first-year students this year and love their floor. They’ve really struck a great balance between being great roommates and having their own circle of friends.


Andrew: We found each other on Facebook and messaged about what we would bring and basic facts about each other. I contributed most of the stuff because I had brothers who lived in the dorms before, so I got a lot of stuff from them.

Andrew brought the couch, TV, art, and PlayStation and Wii U. John brought the fridge, printer and Xboxes.


John: I knew his interests, but I didn’t know his personality, so I was hoping that we would get along.


John: As soon as we met up, I realized that we were going to get along very well.


John: We spent a couple of nights just hanging out in our room and getting to know each other. We would usually be up late at night just talking, and I guess that was some good bonding time, looking back at it now.

Andrew: We spent a lot of time at the beginning doing meals together, especially with our floor. We play video games together. Black Ops is their favorite.


John: Calvin does a fantastic job putting roommate pairs together. If you don’t know your roommate going into it, don’t worry, because Calvin’s staff is very meticulous and very serious about making your dorm experience great.

Andrew: If you find a movie you can both quote, you will be better off. (Their favorite movie to quote? Hot Rod.)

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Hannah and Kiley—3rd Rooks

HANNAH | Film production | Monument, Colo.
KILEY | Secondary English education | Zeeland, Mich.


Hannah and Kiley were nervous to live together after awkward first impressions on Facebook. Once they moved in, they really hit their stride. Now sophomores, they enjoyed living with each other so much, they decided to room together again this year.


Hannah: I never had to share a room before, so it was weird to have to think about sharing my space with somebody else.

Kiley: Our Facebook interaction was a rough start. It was so bad! We still talk about it.

Hannah: We were both just trying really hard to be funny and impress each other, so we ended up saying really weird stuff.


Kiley: Once we met each other, we were both down to earth, really chill. We saw that right away.

Hannah: Our personalities just sort of clicked. It's really better not to force [roommate friendship.]


Both had Audrey Hepburn decorations, and that helped ease the awkwardness of their Facebook interaction and make their space their own.

Hannah: We just kind of hung out on the floor with our friends or by ourselves in our room.


Kiley: Don’t freak out. Keep an open mind.

Hannah: Be honest about the stuff that matters to you.

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