6 Questions to Ask a Professor When you visit campus, you’ll get a chance to meet with a professor. Instead of talking about the weather, try out these questions:

1. What is your teaching style?


Some professors use methods you might not expect from a college classroom. It’s good to be prepared for lots of new and different classroom environments.

2. What kinds of classes do you teach?


Aside from introductory courses and those required for their department, many professors teach a course very unique to their interests. You never know--maybe the professor teaches a niche topic you’d like to learn more about!

3. Why did you decide to become a professor?


Why would anyone want to spend their whole life at college? This is your chance to find out.

4. What do you like about teaching here?


Calvin values are universal whether you’are in front of the black board or behind a desk, but everyone has their own passion--like the student body, the academic rigor or the beautiful campus, for example.

5. Which books do you recommend I read to prepare me for college?


You’ll get every answer from The Hobbit to How to Win at College. The more you read before you get here, the easier it will be to read for classes!

6. Are there other courses you would recommend that would complement yours?


Courses don’t stand by themselves! Find out from the most knowledgeable source what classes you should take together to get the most out of your college experience.

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