Your Average Engineering Student Theater and engineering? Sure!

Reuben Lewis ’18 isn’t looking for a one-dimensional college experience—he wants to cultivate all his interests. And at Calvin, students can do just that (even if those interests seem like polar opposites).

In Reuben’s sophomore year, he knew he loved his engineering classes, but felt like there was something missing.

“I did theater in high school and it was a really big part of my life, but I wanted to major in engineering. It engaged both my creative and scientific sides, which I liked. I was doing a lot of technical work and not a lot of creative work. I need art in my life, and I wasn’t really getting that.”

He auditioned for Calvin Theatre Company’s production of “Love’s Labour’s Lost,” and scored a key role. “With the play, I was able to get that artistic side back while still having the technical side in my classes.”

The liberal arts advantage

It was this kind of diverse, liberal arts approach that attracted Reuben to Calvin in the first place.

“I was looking at another private engineering college—just engineering. When I looked at what I really wanted, I knew I wanted to read Shakespeare, engage literature and take German rather than only engineering.”

Now a junior engineering major and German minor, Reuben’s diverse interests didn’t stop there.

Even more connections

In between classes, Reuben can be found with walkie-talkie in hand, helping troubleshoot technology across campus as a student worker with Calvin’s IT department. In his free time, he also sings baritone in Calvin’s all-male a capella group, uKnighted. Oh, and he’s part of the outdoor recreation living-learning community, a floor of students who share an interest in outdoor exploration and living active lifestyles.

“Being involved in different things has made me enjoy college a lot more. I’m not just playing video games and sitting behind a desk for hours doing homework. I have a chance to study subjects that I find interesting or to sing with friends. It’s really cool, between theater and uKnighted and some of the core classes—they allow you to go into other realms to break out and explore.”

See behind the scenes

Theatre instagram

The cast of Love Labor's Lost took over Calvin's Instagram for a few days while the play was in production.

You can even watch Reuben's full performance here.

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