We are the Knights Can a soccer game change your life? Yes.

I remember my first experience with Calvin athletics.

I was a student at a different college, but visiting a friend at Calvin.After lunch at Commons, we headed over to Zuidema Field to watch a men's varsity soccer game. As we approached the field, I could feel the energy of the crowd and the intensity of the game. The weather was cold – Michigan cold – but that didn't stop an amazing (and loud) crowd of students from packing into the stands, most wearing maroon and gold. The game was tied, and the opponents were tough.

I remember the odd moment of recognition when I noticed a familiar face on the field. A moment passed, and another face stood out. These were guys that I was introduced to the night before; guys who lived on my friend's dorm floor and friends who went to breakfast with us. I had been on campus less than 24 hours, and I already had friends playing offense in a NCAA game. At that moment, I realized what my current college was lacking: community.

Calvin is home to 21 NCAA Division III teams, and each one of the athletes makes up part of our community here at Calvin. However, it is not just those 21 teams and the varsity athletes that are the athletic community of Calvin College – every student has an opportunity to be a Knight. I was on campus for one day, and already I felt that I was a member of that community.

Calvin went on to win that game in overtime. We stormed the field, and I transferred to Calvin later that year. Many colleges offer athletics, but only a few offer a true, genuine community.

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