The Liberal Arts Difference Take it Seriously

If you’re like a lot of people, you’re applying to colleges based on whether they have your major or program. Maybe you’re interested in Calvin because it has a strong philosophy or engineering program, or because of our high rates of medical school acceptance for pre-med students.

But what if you choose a college because it has an eye-opening liberal arts approach to education, no matter what your major?


We understand. Many first-year college students view general education requirements as courses to “get out of the way” so they can focus on their major. But most students find that the core curriculum doesn’t hinder their studies; it complements them.

At Calvin, you’re being prepared for your field and for life in general. That’s just not a thing at a big research university. At Calvin, you learn how to be a citizen of the kingdom of God, not just preparing for your job.
—Josh Wright ’16


In addition to your major, you will choose courses in various categories to learn more about subjects such as theology, psychology, political science, art history and geography. But that’s only the beginning. The value of the liberal arts really happens as you develop the habit of learning about the world and analyzing specific problems.


Answer #1: It will expand your view of God. Calvin’s core courses will give you new eyes with which to see the world and its Creator. As you discover more about God’s creation, watch as your awe and wonder make your heart bigger and your mind more receptive to his wisdom.

Answer #2: It will help you build a career. Thousands of Calvin graduates tell stories about how their exceptional analytical writing and communication skills put them a notch above other applicants for jobs or promotions to leadership positions. Bonus: A liberal arts degree can also prepare you for multiple careers.

Answer #3: It will help you make a difference in the world. We live in a complex world that has some pretty big problems. The knowledge and skills you build in Calvin’s core courses will help you collaborate with others to create multi-faceted solutions to problems like poverty, human trafficking and more.

Using Liberal Arts to your advantage

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