Chapel: Laying a daily foundation

Last semester, Rachel found a lot of reasons not to go to chapel—like using that time to do some extra review for classes, general cynicism about worship being like a “show” or just the busyness of life. But she was struggling to maintain consistency in her personal devotions, so she made a commitment: chapel every day.

"I have trouble picking a favorite chapel day because I quite like chapel … a lot.

"I think sometimes I’ve thought of chapel as the thing you do because you don’t have anything else to do, or the thing you do to prove that you’re pious.

"But I came to this point during the last bit of last semester where I was really struggling to maintain my own personal devotions, just because everything got so busy. I just had to start chapel-ing. It’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever done.

"I go every day to chapel. It has proven to be this grounding of my day, the re-focusing of ‘Why are you here?’, ‘What is your goal?’, ‘What is important?’

"There are so many different days to chapel. I see that as so many different ways to remember that God’s the focus. I love the drum worship circle. That’s probably my favorite event of chapel. It’s so peaceful to not have to sing, because I’m not a very good singer. To release that pressure and just worship without words, but still with action and still with fervor is really cool.

"Chapel was a checklist thing, but to sit back and have this opportunity to interact first with people who are trying to worship well, but also to submit this twenty minutes of my day to say, ‘This is why I’m here.’ To just sit back and have the opportunity to think about God solely. So often our classes are ‘God and science’ or ‘God and whatever,’ but this is focused: read scripture, sing praises. The foundation of this is just looking at scripture or professing scripture, and I love that."

VERGE: fall 2016

First-Year Experience