Big Impact from Minor Details

“What’s your major?” When you’re in college, you eventually lose track of how many times you’re asked this question. Although your choice of a major (or multiple majors) is important, minors can play a huge role in preparing you for where God’s taking you, too.

Data Analytics

Want to solve big data problems? A data analytics minor could give you the necessary technical know-how to get ahead.

Pairs nicely with: kinesiology, business, public health, political science, graphic design, English, sociology

Featured grad: Calvin grad John Muyskens ’15 built a database for The Washington Post and won a Pulitzer Prize.

Why it matters: “If you know a little programming, and you’ve got some data-savvy—you’ve got a leg-up on the people that don’t.” —Professor Randy Pruim

International Development Studies

If you have a heart for the world and a desire to see change in developing nations, an international development studies minor will help you understand global issues—and how you can help.

Featured grad: Jason Fileta ’05 produced Micah Challenge USA’s “For the Love Of” documentary, released April 2016, which addresses global warming.

Requirement you’ll love: You get to study abroad in a developing country for a semester or three-week interim.

Leadership opp: Every year, students organize the Faith and International Development conference that brings in awesome speakers and draws hundreds of students from across the country.

Gender Studies

With a gender studies minor, you’ll learn how gender plays a role in literature, culture, history and philosophy.

Pairs nicely with: philosophy, literature, psychology, social work, sociology, political science, organizational communications

Why it matters: “The gender studies minor has strengthened my faith and helped me better understand some of the things I feel pressured by. It has helped me become more self aware and more sensitive towards the needs of others.” —Sydney Lee ’15

If you like this, you’ll love: Social Justice Coalition and Gender Equality Now student organizations.

Environmental Studies

Environmental studies courses focus on how people impact the environment, and what issues and policies are involved with sustaining the earth.

Pairs nicely with: biology, business, civic engineering, international development, history or political science

If you like this, you’ll love: Apply to live in the creation care residence hall, where 40 students live in a community that intentionally fosters a deeper understanding of sustainability.

Why it matters: “An environmental studies minor teaches environmental literacy, equipping you to engage environmental questions in your particular career.” —Professor James Skillen

Asian Studies

Be prepared to serve God in an increasingly important place in the world: Asia. In this interdisciplinary minor, you’ll study the history, religions and culture of this important region.

Pairs nicely with: international development, business, education, pre-law, religion, philosophy

If you like this, you’ll love: Calvin’s study abroad programs can send you to China, Japan, Korea or exciting places throughout the world.

Why it matters: “I’ve built a career and life out of taking similar leaps—trying new things, going to new places and exploring new ideas. I owe that momentum in large part to my experiences as a student in the Asian studies department at Calvin.” —Aaron Delgaty ’09

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