Jobs for People Who Love Adventure

Make Films on the Edge

Kyle Berkompas ’10

What he does: Action Sports Cinematographer
Where he lives: Boulder, Colorado
Calvin major: Media Production (now Film and Media)

This January, famous rock climbers Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson became the first people to climb the "Dawn Wall" to reach the summit of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. Kyle Berkompas was on hand to get their triumph on film. As a climbing filmmaker, it’s Kyle’s job to capture the expeditions of climbers like Caldwell and Jorgeson. Getting that footage means ascending mountains right alongside the climbers and filming whilst dangling from a rope thousands of feet above the ground.

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Melissa Dykhuis

Reach for the Stars (And Asteroids)

Melissa Dykhuis ’10

What she does: Astronomy PhD student, University of Arizona,
member of the NASA Osiris REx Asteroid Mission team
Where she lives: Tucson, Arizona
Calvin major: Physics & Astronomy

Melissa Dykhuis always wanted to work for NASA. Today, she’s fulfilling that dream by making educational YouTube videos for NASA’s Osiris REx Asteroid Mission team. She’s also working on a PhD in astronomy at the University of Arizona. Melissa specializes in asteroids, so the next time an asteroid heads towards earth, she might just be the one who spots it.

Josh deLacy

Hitchhike Around the Country and Live to Tell the Story

Josh deLacy ’13

What he does: Writer, Social Media Marketing Director for a real estate company and Co-Content Curator for The Post Calvin blog
Where he lives: Renton, Washington
Calvin majors: Writing and Political Science

The summer after Josh deLacy graduated from Calvin, he hitchhiked his way from Bellingham, Washington to Michigan. For the two months he spent on the road, Josh lived off what he could carry on his back and the generosity of the people he met along the way. Now in his free time, he’s workingon a book about his experiences “traveling on trust.” It tells the stories of people that helped Josh: there was the hippie trapped in a town she didn’t like, a retired couple on the way home from a doctor appointment and a Vietnam veteran with a log cabin and a four-square-mile tree farm.

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Rose Ibiama

Digital Tailor and Hairstylist

Rose Ibiama ’05

What she does: Character Animation at Disney
Where she lives: Los Angeles, California
Calvin major: Computer Science

As Character Animation Director for three Academy Award-winning films, Rose says she is basically a “digital tailor” for well-known characters like Anna and Elsa from the hit film, Frozen. “We create pants, shirts, dresses, hair and the like for the characters we’re assigned. And we run simulations to match animation and how the characters are moving in the shot,” she said.

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