And So the Adventure Begins: Are You All In?

And So the Adventure Begins: Are You All In?

“Are you all in?” It’s a phrase that begs for a full-on commitment.

The question actually comes from the game of poker, when a player has a hand of cards so amazing that they are ready to risk it all. So they push all their chips to the center of the table and go for it. All in.

But you’re not playing poker—you’re going to college.

At Calvin, we invite you to be all in. To take the cards you’ve been dealt—courage, intelligence, faith, dedication—and to jump into something really big. We want you to wonder at the world we live in—its people, its places, new ideas and discoveries, all of it. So we’re offering you a community of people who discover new galaxies, who dig deep into hard-packed soil to find clean water, who weep and laugh through British lit and who lean out into the world.

We’ve thrown our lots in together—students, faculty, staff, alumni—ready to learn more about this amazing world that God has given us.

Join us, and be all in.

Too risky? No problem. Many of us started by just leaning in. And trust that God will take care of the rest.

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