Finding Your Major

With over 100 academic options at Calvin, you might have a hard time narrowing down your major to just one (or two ... or three). While you have plenty of time once you start college to explore programs, you can get started by taking some of these steps:


Schedule a coffee meeting with a professor in an area that interests you. Attend a class in your prospective majors. Contact an Admissions Rep to schedule these activities.


Scour Calvin’s website for your favorite programs to see course requirements and extras such as study abroad, research and internships. Create a few potential course plans to determine whether you can fit two or more majors into your four years of study. (Some majors provide four-year course plans on their websites, but if not, download planning tools.)


Talk with trusted people in your life who know you well. What strengths do they see in you that might be channeled into your course of study in college? Take strength assessments and personality profiles online or through your high school’s guidance office to help narrow down your choices.

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