Calvin week 1 survival guide

Calvin week 1 survival guide


Hand sanitizer: Get all the dirt from your first StreetFest off your hands.

Gaming controllers: Dominate your first all-night “Super Smash Bros.” tournament.

Textbooks: Classes. Yes, you have to go to these.

Fish food: Feed your new pet, Nemo.

Dry-erase markers: Leave messages on your new dorm friends’ doors.

CUPPS mug: Don’t leave for your 8 a.m. class without this reusable coffee mug.

Concert tickets: Enjoy a free concert before classes start!

Top Ramen: Bring some Ramen and a hot pot from home to make your very first study snack.

The Rapid discount card: Ride Grand Rapids' bus system at a discount—just two quarters per ride.

Pizza: Put your favorite local pizza place on speed dial.

Face paint: To create the fiercest possible look for Chaos Day.

Earphones: You will probably need to study, even during your first week of college.

Lanyard, room key and ID card: Because Calvin hasn’t purchased a fingerprint security system yet, you’ll need to keep your room key and Calvin ID handy at all times.

Guitar pick: For serenading outside your sister dorm’s windows.

Orientation schedule: Keep this nifty pocket guide close as you run from one orientation activity to the next during Quest.

Picnic blanket and Frisbee: Plan to spend lots of time on the Commons lawn, eating lunch, hanging out, studying and playing Frisbee.

Kleenex: Don't forget to call mom.

Water bottle: Since you’ll be doing a lot of running around, you’ll want to keep a means of hydration nearby.

Planner: Even if you don’t end up using it after the first week, you had good intentions, right?

T-shirts: The heaviest concentration of free T-shirts you will get while a college student is during the first week.

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