Food at Calvin: Breakfast The most important meal of the day

Every day Calvin's dining halls offer quick breakfast items like bagels, donuts, cheese, fruit, hardboiled eggs and more.

Check out our Instagram gallery of breakfast offerings in Calvin's dining halls and you'll see that whether you're a bagel and coffee kind of person or a smoothie/omelette/waffle person, you have options. Bake a crispy waffle and smother it in Nutella, line up for gourmet omelettes or just grab a bowl of your favorite cereal for a quick bite before class.

Whatever your early morning dining preferences are, consider Calvin student blogger Taylor's wise words about building community over shared meals:

My love of food is a big part of college, because meals are highlights of my day. There is one rule to abide by when eating in college: As long as you are in the dining hall, there is no homework. Meals are a time to connect with friends as much as it is to hunt down the choicest eats! —Taylor

B-QUIV=Breakfast Equivalency

While we highly recommend that you eat breakfast each morning in colege, you may occasionally miss it to study for a test or sleep in. When this happens, know that you won't lose the credit in your meal plan. Head to Johnny's in the evening for a study break and a breakfasty snack with your friends.

"[B-QUIV is] a great study break—every night I meet my friends at Johnny's to grab a bagel and talk about our days." -Erika 

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