Alumni Profile: Alumni Profile: Joe Dieleman '02

Alumni Profile: Joe Dieleman '02

MAJOR AT CALVIN: economics, international development

GRADUATE STUDIES: completing his PhD in economics at the University of Washington

As a high school senior, college almost didn't make it on Joe Dieleman's radar.

"I was stymied by the college search process. I ended up only applying to Calvin, mostly because I didn't know where else to apply."

Turns out, Calvin was the perfect choice for a guy like Joe. He loved the classes, the guys on his floor, and serving in leadership on Calvin's student-run Social Justice Comittee. Inspired by a like-minded professor, Joe spent a semester in Honduras, exploring issues that ended up shaping his future.

"[Prof.] Kurt VerBeek stands out as the most inspiring faculty member I have ever met. He lives his work, faith, lessions, and passions with amazing vigor and transparency. During the semester in Honduras I was challenged to think about global poverty by focusing on social, economic, and political realities of Honduras."

Fast forward more than a decade. Today, Joe spends his days tracking government health spending at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, an independent global health research center at the University of Washington. But the things he learned in Honduras are never far away.

"I still think of the challenges, lessons, and experiences from that semester on a weekly basis, now more than 13 years removed."

VERGE: spring 2013

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