Leading worship at Calvin How to get involved

At Calvin, there are numerous ways to lead worship. Whether you like to sing, play, plan, pray, greet or create, we encourage you to explore worship leadership as a way to use your skills and interests.

Leading dorm worship

Time commitment: 1-2 hours/week

Leading worship can mean more than just singing in chapel or leading a Bible study. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved, even in the dorms. A "Barnabas" is someone who is in charge of planning and leading worship in the residence halls, along with promoting a strong faith-based community throughout the dorm. Senior Nicole Schmitt, a former Barnabas leader, describes her time as a worship leader as an experience that helped her grow both in her faith and in her relationships.

"I helped to plan the worship services with the other student leaders on my team, and I would often play guitar. Planning dorm worship [services] ... forced me into a position of [taking] ownership over the spiritual atmosphere in my dorm. I grew to care deeply about making worship in the dorm a space where other residents felt comfortable and grew closer to one another in the community."

Nicole SchmittSenior Nicole Schmitt played guitar and planned worship services in her dorm.

Worship Apprentices

Time commitment: 10-15 hours/week

Do you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of Calvin's chapel and LOFT services? The Worship Apprentice (WA) team is a group of six to eight students who plan services, coordinate music practices, contact chapel speakers and write prayers for use in services. Junior Joel Altena describes his experience in the WA program as a life-changing experience.

"Worship leading is something I thoroughly enjoy, and I am blessed to be given the opportunity to do it at Calvin. ... There are many aspects to worship that we often forget, and they are all open and readily available to students. If you are really interested in worship leadership, apply to be a Worship Apprentice. It is a position that challenges you and teaches you more about worship leadership than you could ever imagine."

Joel AltenaJunior Joel Altena and other Worship Apprentices help plan Calvin's chapel and Sunday night LOFT services.

Chapel/LOFT worship team

Time commitment: two to three hours/week

One of the many ways to lead worship is to join a chapel/LOFT (Living Our Faith Together) worship team. Junior Emily Holwerda is a vocalist in one of these groups, and she is passionate about using her gifts through this ministry.

"Leading worship has helped to keep my faith active throughout my time at Calvin. ... God doesn't give us gifts just so that we can sit back and not use them—and every gift should be used to help His church to grow! It isn't much of a commitment, but it has helped me to remember who really is at the center of my life. The devotions we do as a team and the songs that we practice bring the focus back to Jesus and away from the grades and papers, and it also solidifies several friendships and exposes me to other students who are also passionate about serving God through worship."

Emily HolwerdaJunior Emily Holwerda sings on a worship team for chapel and LOFT.


On campus

Play, sing or speak at monthly student-led ReigKnight and Verve services.

In the community

Connect with a local church and become involved in worship there.

Use your video production skills

Help produce special videos for chapel and LOFT in Calvin's film and media major.

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